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written by 

Trent Angers


President Nixon initiated campaign to sabotage My Lai massacre trials

The goal was to try to assure that no American soldier would be convicted of a war crime.

(March 2014) 

Forgotten Hero of My Lai 

To friends and neighbors, Hugh Thompson was just an ordinary guy with a quiet life.

But there was one man who wanted the world to know what the former soldier had done.

(June 2000) 

The Terrible Storms of 2005 

Louisiana Gulf Coast slammed by two major hurricanes in less than a month.

(October 2005) 

A Fire Truck Called 'The Spirit of Louisiana' 

Louisiana’s heroic response to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks included the gift of a bright red fire truck to the New York Fire Dept. Thousands of ordinary citizens, students and businesses gave from the heart to make it happen.

(July/August 2002) 

The Canonization of Katharine Drexel  

Pope John Paul II praises the new saint for her boundless compassion and generosity toward blacks and Native American Indians.

(September/October 2000) 

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