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Nods of approval

for the writings of 

Trent Angers 



The Forgotten Hero of My Lai: 

The Hugh Thompson Story 

  • An 'extremely well-written' book 

          "The Forgotten Hero of My Lai is an extremely well-written book... a really great story."

– Jamie Rife, Senior Historian 

   History Associates, Inc. 

   Rockville, Maryland 

  • A book of 'great significance...

      evokes emotions of honor, courage and justice'

         "This is a book of great significance, told by a master narrator. Rare is the book which


evokes emotions of honor, courage and justice so successfully. 

      "A true literary prize." 

– Rev. Jerome Neyrey, S.J. 

    Grand Coteau, La.

  • 'A careful historian, 

       a gifted storyteller' 

          "As someone who has been studying the presidency of Richard Nixon for going on two          decades, I ordinarily am quick to spot mistakes in books that deal with his administration. I          went over this revised edition by Trent Angers closely... and have to confess that I couldn't          spot a single error – a rare event. Angers is a careful historian as well as a gifted storyteller. 

          "And what a story!

          "... Nixon put politics before principle and interfered with the prosecution of a war crime,        ordering his chief of staff to discredit a witness (Hugh Thompson) who dared to tell the truth. 

          "Hugh Thompson should not be a forgotten hero. Thanks to Trent Angers, he won't be."  


– Kenneth Hughes 

   Miller Center of Public Affairs

   University of Virginia 



The Forgotten Hero of My Lai: 

The Hugh Thompson Story 

  • A powerfully moving story’

       “Trent Angers gives the reader a powerfully moving story… of a real American hero.

       “I could not, in all honesty, read this book without having to put it down at times so that I could break away from the emotions that it invoked within me. Reading about this massacre and indiscriminant butchery was too horrible to comprehend…. As a Vietnam veteran, I found this act a ‘very…very bitter pill to swallow.’”

– Joseph R. Calamia

   Vietnam War veteran

– Peter Cawdron

  • ‘History that needs

    to be taught in schools’

        “I’ve rated this book as 5 stars for one very good reason: It is a story that needs to be told and needs to be heard.

        “Hugh Thompson is one of those unsung heroes who had the courage to hold fast to his moral compass and stand up to evil regardless of the personal consequences.

        “This is a history that needs to be taught in schools to make sure something like this can never happen again.”


  • ‘A guide to right and wrong’

           “This book is not only an inspiration to all Americans but also a guide for showing us the difference between right and wrong….  War shouldn’t turn us into animals. We should use our own judgment (in cases like this one) regardless of what our superiors tell us to do.”


– Danny Glass

    Grand Bay, Ala.

The Truth About

the Cajuns 

  • ‘Destined to become a classic’

    in Vietnam War literature

           “Thanks to the clear reporting of CWO Hugh Thompson’s story, we know the full story of the undaunted courage and bravery of Thompson and his crew when they discovered the shocking truth that U. S. troops were out of control at My Lai. These soldiers committed unspeakable horror against unarmed women, children and elderly villagers in executing unlawful orders in a fundamentally flawed search-and-destroy operation.

           “…This story of ordinary men (Thompson and his crew) taking extraordinary action is destined to become a classic in the literature of the Vietnam period.”

– Bill Cavanaugh 

   U.S. Army veteran

   Quincy, Mass.


  • "I have had an enjoyable reading experience with your book, The Truth About the Cajuns. I have always had profound respect for the Cajun people, whom you have portrayed masterfully."

– Dr. Norman Vincent Peale 

    Author of The Power of Positive Thinking

  • "I want to... tell you how much I enjoyed your fine book, The Truth About the Cajuns. By writing it, you have done (the people of Louisiana) a great public service, and have contributed greatly to the image and the reputation of our state."

– Buddy Roemer 

    Former Governor of Louisiana


  • "Fascinating! A monumental book... I have noticed it is justly receiving some rave reviews. Congratulations on your crusading effort."

– Bernard Curet 

   Columnist, The Pointe Coupee Banner 

   New Roads, La. 

  • "We Cajuns thank you for your book... You have said in detail what many of us feel."

– Lester Gonsoulin Sr. 

    New Iberia, La. 

  • "As a Cajun and a professional, I was thrilled to read your book, The Truth About the Cajuns! Having grown up in Lafayette, I was unaware of the many misconceptions and stereotypes about Cajuns until I moved to Texas.... I have tried to inform those who ask me ludicrous questions or who make stereotypical statements to me regarding Cajun heritage. Now, I have a book to recommend when those situations arise.... Thank you for accurately portraying Acadiana and its citizens."

– Anne Marie Watkins, BCSW

    New Orleans, La. 

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